Lighting Services

Uplighting on Brick

Up Lighting & Color Washing

Add lighting accents to the walls and architectural features of your venue. Our LED lights can produce almost any color and tone imaginable! We have battery powered lighting fixtures, so power is never a problem. We also have waterproof lighting to light-up the outside of your event without having to worry about the weather. Add color and create the perfect ambiance with light!

Gobo Logo Projection on Dance Floor

Custom Monogram and Logo Projection

Mark your event space with your very own custom logo or monogram projection. We can project your lighting design onto the dance floor or a wall. This is the prefect accent to make the venue "YOURS" for the night!

Pin Spotting - Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spotting

Pin-Spotting is an elegant way to illuminate and accent the floral arrangements and centerpieces at your event.  This is done by placing the fixtures across the ceiling, or on a stand out of sight near the corners of the venue.  The fixtures are adjusted to shine a beam of light directly into your centerpieces, making them stand out with a graceful pop of color or white.

Laser Light Shows

Laser Light Shows

Our laser light show services are the perfect solution for the icing on the cake for any event! If you want the WOW factor that fireworks can add to an event, then you have to experience one of our visual enhancing shows!

Table Underlighting Table Glow LED Lighting

Table Glow

Give your tables an accent like no other! We can make your tables glow with vivid color or white light. This is a very elegant, modern approach to adding your bridal colors into your table design.

Festival String Lighting Commercial Lighting Chinese Paper Nylon Lantens

Festival Lighting

Festival lighting is a great way to brighten up a dark area or add a festive lighting accent to your theme. This type of lighting is suitable for outdoor events, especially in temporary spaces. Our commercial string lighting is available on its own, or you can customize the design by adding Nylon Lanterns or colorful LED light bulbs.

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