Professional Audio

Ceremony Sound - Speakers, Microphone, and Music for your ceremony

Ceremony Sound

Are you having your ceremony in another area? We can provide a second sound system for your ceremony space. We will provide your officiant with a wireless microphone so everyone can hear perfectly. We will also provide music for your service. If you prefer to have live music, we can mix the audio for your performer.

Sound Engineering

Professional Live Sound Engineering

We can handle any live audio project from small to large. If you need live sound engineering, then we've got you covered! Call us to talk over the details - 740-238-2103.

Wireless Audio and Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement and Wireless Audio

Our system replaces hundreds of feet of audio cable with a reliable wireless connection. We can transmit wireless audio signals to speakers in other areas, quiet spots, and locations distanced away from the main audio source. Got echo? No Problem! Adding extra speakers to a larger venue will make sure that all of the announcements and speeches are heard clearly, no matter where your guests are located in the room.

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